Fr, 3rd June
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Annex • Schulhof Gymnasium Filder Benden

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Having described everything, this past time, this path from Filder Street to here, with the movements and appearances, the pictures and sounds, these rows of houses with the chimneys, antennas and garages, I approach the end of the report. Maybe it will stop now, this I don't know I think hearing, yes, that's the word, hearing. I feel a hollow in front of me, possibly from a sound ride, a trace in the metamoersum pressed in by many bodies in front of me. My palms slide along stones, with a feeling it's hard to describe a feeling like I would say listening to these tracks in front of me. I remember voices, figures, instruments, words, bars crouching in drums, meandering across the edge of the stage.