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Fr, 3rd June
10:55 PM - 11:55 PM


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  • Amaro Freitas (piano)

Amaro Freitas (BR) + Introduction by DJ Tudo (BR)

“As the poet said”, Chico pointed to Amaro as they walked along the banks of the Capibaribe and began to speak:
"Whoever has existed for this life and not lived, it may be more, but you know less than I do.
Because life just happens.
Who did it happen for?
For those who loved, for those who cried, for those who suffered, oh yes!
There will never be anything for the one who has never enjoyed a passion, no.
There is no evil worse than unbelief.
Even love that doesn't pay is better than loneliness.
Open your arms my brother, drop it!
Why add when we can divide?
I honestly don't want to know anymore of those who do not go because they are afraid of suffering.
Woe to those who do not rend their hearts, they will not be forgiven."
“Ah, Vinicius, I miss him”, Amaro replied, squinting in the sun.
“He also said: You don't make friends, you recognize a friend.”