Sa, 4th June
9:55 PM - 10:40 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)



  • Hein Tint (pat waing / diatonisches Trommelspiel)
  • Jan Klare (as)
  • Zwe Htun Oo (hne)
  • Nicole Mitchell (fl)
  • Kolatt (performance)
  • Aung Kyaw Soe (maung zaing / chromatisches Gongspiel)
  • Francesco Diodati (guitar)
  • U Kyie Myint (chauk lone pat / Basstrommeln)
  • Michael Vatcher (drums)
  • Ye Min Thu (si / wa / perc)
  • Achim Zepezauer (video)

"3 Fingers in the Dark" (MM, US, DE, IT)

A good ten years ago, after a moving journey, Tim Isfort started a cultural exchange called "Myanmar Meets Europe". At that time, after decades of military dictatorship, a very hesitant, steadily consolidating opening began in Myanmar, until this process was ended extremely brutally in February 2021 by another military coup. Since then, there has been no more “normal” in the country. Contact is maintained with the Burmese colleagues involved in "Myanmar Meets Europe". Some live underground, others are visibly emaciated and hide in small villages in constant fear of indiscriminate military incursions. Very few managed to escape abroad.

Exactly on the day of the coup, Tim Isfort and Jan Klare began a five-part virtual residency, funded by the Goethe-Institut, with two musicians, among others, in the capital Yangon and with Hein Tint, one of the most exposed drum circle players in Myanmar who lives in Berlin. They immediately experienced the emotional development, from surprise and disbelief to pride in the resistance that was developing and horror at the extent of the terror. The three-finger symbol has since become one of the central gestures of pro-democracy resistance in the country.

In addition to Hein Tint and Jan Klare, the Burmese performance artist Kolatt is also musically involved in this project, along with Francesco Diodati and Michael Vatcher, who were regularly involved in the exchange, and the flutist Nicole Mitchell from Chicago. A video recording is currently being worked on, which will be recorded in Yangon in the coming weeks and which will virtually bring Zwe Htun Oo, Aung Kyaw Soe, Kyie Myint and Ye Min Thu together with the stage in Moers.