festival 22

03th June to 06th June

moers festival 2022

Eine Zeichnung einer futuristischen Stadt. Raketen und Luftschiffe fliegen durch die Stadt.
... die Vorbereitungen laufen bereits seit fast einem halben Jahrhundert.

Good news for all fans of the moers festival: From Monday, November 22, 20:22, you can buy the popular early-bird tickets for the 51st festival at Whitsun 2022. The festival pass for all four days costs a whole 137 euros. Young people can rejoice: reduced tickets cost only 46 euros, and the entire festival is free for students up to 16 years of age.

For the 50th anniversary of the Whitsun Festival, which was founded in 1972, the festival team again wants to play the whole city in addition to the festival hall and open-air stage on the Rodelberg. Castle parks, churches and unusual locations will be part of the event. At the same time, they want to further develop the experiences with streaming and virtual reality, with which the festival became a global pioneer in the pandemic, in the program. "Our perception of these forms of digitality has changed. We see this as an opportunity," says Tim Isfort, artistic director since 2017.

The first 22 buyers will be rewarded with the CD "puls plus puls" by Jan Jelinek and Sven-Åke Johannsson - a live recording from the 2020 festival. All early birds will be sent a personalized hard ticket in a special design.