Fr, 21st May
8:51 PM - 9:41 PM



  • Will Guthrie - drums, percussion, gamelan, composition, conception and arrangements
  • Prune Bécheau - gamelan; Charles Dubois - gamelan
  • Thibault Florent - gamelan
  • Amélie Grould - gamelan
  • Mark Lockett - gamelan
  • Sven Michel - gamelan
  • Lucas Pizzini - gamelan
  • Arno Tukiman – gamelan


1889, World Exhibition in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is presented to the public. The young French composer Claude Debussy visits the numerous performances in his hometown and unexpectedly finds the destination of a long, often frustrating search. The young Frenchman didn't know what to do with the late romantic tradition of Wagner, Brahms or Verdi and was hungry for new impulses. In the performance of a Javanese gamelan orchestra, he finally found what he was unconsciously looking for. The differentiated, polyrhythmic sound art of the Indonesians became his most important influence, gamelan structures can be found in all of Debussy's work. A similar search led Australian percussionist Will Guthrie to gamelan. The artist, who lives in Nantes, composes and improvises with his colleagues magical structures and constellations that go far into the past and are extremely modern. Fascinating how the various skin and metal instruments keep producing new colors, inexhaustible, always precisely balanced sound images that immediately captivate you.