Der Chor Seicento vocale & Richard Scott
© Winfried Hyronimus

Su, 23rd May
3:00 PM - 3:50 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)


  • Sophia Bockholdt – voc, claves
  • Ursula Göller – voc
  • Anaya Hubach – voc, claves
  • Alexander Hainz – voc
  • Konstantin Ingenpaß – voc, cow bell
  • Lea Koch – voc, indian bells , sopransolo
  • Mathis Koch - voc
  • Jakob Kreß - voc
  • Martin Logar - voc
  • Tabea Mahler - voc
  • Lea Martensmeier - voc
  • Theresia Plünnecke – voc, bamboo tree
  • Jenni Reineke – voc, tubular bell
  • Frederik Schauhoff – voc, bamboo tree
  • Marc-Eric Schmidt - voc, tubular bell
  • Marina Schuchert – voc
  • Julia Spies – voc, crotales
  • Joachim Stahr – voc
  • Johannes Wallbrecher – voc, crotales
  • Jan Croonenbroeck – musikalische Leitung
  • Alexander Toepper – musikalische Leitung
  • Richard Scott – elec

Seicento vocale & Richard Scott (DE, UK)

The 17th century (seicento means 600, but describes the period after 1600) brought an abundance of new bold sound that broke with the rules of harmony and composition. In the vocal music e.g. in Gesualdos works, this was even easier than for the root note bound instruments. The tempered tuning that is used today, was still in early phase of try and error. The coast was clear for sound visionaries like the murderous Prince Gesulado di Venosa, who squeezed the most remote chords together in the smallest spaces, Luca Marenzio whose harmonies would have also delighted Charlie Parker and of course Claudio Monteverdi, maybe the greatest vocal music composer of the western world. Our ensemble Seicento Vocale from Münster is also daring: They will put their meticulously sophisticated ensemble sound at the mercy of British live electronics artists Richard Scott. We are very excited to see and hear how the avant-garde worlds of different epochs will combine.