Sa, 22nd May
8:10 PM - 8:55 PM



  • Jacob Maskell-Key - dr
  • Peter Jones – elec
  • Alimansi Wanzu Aineomugisha – perc, voc
  • Henry Kasoma - perc
  • Henry Isabirye – perc
  • Jamiru Mwanje – perc

Nihiloxica (UG, UK)

Rhythms and sturctures of the ancient Ugandan tradition, the pre-colonial Buganda kingdom, melt effortlessly with Sound Sheet from London Dark Electro. Nihiloxica have their origin at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda’s capital Kampala. Bandleader Jajja Kalanda aims with his African-European project especially towards the young people in his homeland in “musical, artisanal and spiritual regard”. The Ugandan-English Band shows how much drive, soul and positive energy a constellation like this can generate. The young Englishmen respectfully integrate into the Ugandan drum thunderstorm. Afro-Techno at its best!