Ein Junge dirigiert eine von ihm selbst komponiertes Stück.
© Bernd Uhlen

Su, 23rd May
6:20 PM - 7:00 PM



  • Patricia Bosshard - vl
  • Julia Robert - vla
  • Félicie Bazelaire - vc
  • Anaïs Moreau – vc
  • Deborah Walker - vc
  • Frédéric Marty - b
  • Benjamin Duboc – b
  • Gianni Caserotto - g
  • Juliette Adam - bcl
  • Benjamin Dousteyssier - as
  • Franz Hautzinger - tp
  • Alexis Persigan - tb
  • Alvise Sinivia – p
  • Julien Loutelier - dr


With moersterclass, moers festival is offering a unique opportunity for young composers aged 18 and under to build a bridge between the stereotypes of "classical" and "improvised" music.

Over Whitsun weekend, up to four young composers will be invited to moers festival, where they will work intensively on their pieces with internationally renowned improvisers and engage in artistic dialogue. This process will culminate in a performance on the main festival stage. The type of compositions here is completely open, and can include classical scores, graphic notation, verbal performance instructions, concepts, audio or video. After all, moers festival has stood for all forms of music outside the "mainstream" since 1972 – improvisation, new and creative jazz, avant-garde, electro, new music, noise, minimal, installation, drone... it's a big stage for everything that you won't find in the mass media – a big stage for the unheard of!