Nightingale String Quartet
© Band

Mo, 24th May
2:40 PM - 3:20 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)


  • Julius von Lorentz – comp
  • Joe McPhee - pocket trumpet, sax
  • Pat Thomas – p
  • Robert Muschaweck – bsn
  • Alejandro Orozco Hincapié – tp
  • Romain Felis – vla
  • Jella Großmann – b
  • Daniel Rheinbay – dr
  • Felix Stachelhaus – dr, elec
  • Gunvor Sihm – vl
  • Josefine Dalsgaard - vl
  • Marie-Louise Broholt Jensen – vla
  • Louisa Schwab – vc
  • Friederike Scheunchen - cond

Meeting Point - Auftragskomposition (BE, CO, DE, DK, US, UK)

2020, our competition „composer kids“ (now: mœrsterclass!): 17-year-old Julius von Lorentz arrives from the south of Germany. His artistic maturity, his idiosyncratic visions of sound, the unquestionable naturalness with which the high school student chose the profession as a composer convinced us to offer him a commissioned composition for multiple artists.

The constellation is probably only possible in Moers: the young danish all female Nightingale String Quartet meets grown improvisers lie Joe McPhee and Pat Thomas as well as young musician form Hamburg, supervised by Felix Stachelhaus, who are set somewhere between composition and improvisation. Julius has managed to compose “meeting point” for this heterogenous ensemble and leave enough space for improvisation and unpredictability.

Earlier during the same performance the young Danes will interpret a piece that had to be canceled because of the sea monster last year: Beethovens Grosse Fuge Op.133.

If there is a classical piece of music that belongs to Moers, it is this one! The radicalism and single-mindedness is still breath taking today. A piece of avant garde from the 1820s. On occasion of the 194th day of death of the great master from the little town of Bonn.