Fr, 21st May
10:51 PM - 11:36 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)


  • Lubomyr Melnyk - p

aerosolo #2: Lubomyr Melnyk (UA)

Lubomyy Melnyk is one of the artists that can not be pigeonholed. It starts with his origin: the Ukrainian never lived in his parents’s country, the family fled from Stalin’s terror to Germany, where Lubomyr was born. He grew up in Canada, studied Latin and philosophy, developed his ver own style of piano playing, went to Paris and now lives in Sweden.

He describes his style as “continuous music”, which reflects many influences: structures of Maurice Ravel can be heard as well as Philip Glass and neo-classical elements. His playing is one stream of sound in which motifs appear, bloom, disappear or turn into musical siblings.