La Tène + guest
© Cyril Vandenbeusch

Fr, 21st May
4:31 PM - 5:31 PM



  • Laurent Peter - (d’incise)-Indian Harmonium, elec
  • Cyril Bondi - perc
  • Guilhem Lacroux- g
  • Jacques Puech - bagpipes
  • Jérémie Sauvage- b
  • Louis Jacques – bagpipes

La Tène + guest (CH, FR)

Archaeologists are familiar with the La Tène culture as pre-Roman epoch in Central Europe about 2500 years ago. The French band chose this name because they combine ritual-hypnotic sounds with modern structures. The outcome is a psychedelic stream of sound that brings ancient rituals as well as contemporary minimalism to mind. Music of the unleashed primitive, a word that actually means “at the beginning, originally”.

With the financial support of the Fondation Suisa and Pro Helvetica.