Kevin Shea mit einem Becken
© Kevin Shea

Fr, 21st May
5:46 PM - 6:36 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)


  • Angelika Niescier – sax
  • Simon Rummel – glockenspiel, harmonika, toys4us
  • Achim Tang – b
  • Ingrid Laubrock – sax
  • Michael Schiefel – voc
  • Julia Hülsmann – p
  • Hayden Chisholm – sax
  • Carolin Pook – vl
  • John-Dennis Renken – tp
  • Kim Josephine Bode – fl, recorder
  • Emilio Gordoa – vib
  • Mariá Portugal – dr
  • Kevin Shea – dr
  • Matt Mottel – keys

Große Kleine Allee Band (BR, DE, MX, NZ, US)

In January 2008 Angelika Niescier, an aspiring hope of German Jazz, moved into the House at Kleine Allee 10, that accommodates a new improvisor every year ever scince. A collection of artists that could not be more manifold, excites the people of Moers every year anew. The city center has seen spontaneous performances, youth orchestras were founded, instruments were built, living room and garden concerts were played. Galleries, bars, the Schlosspark, shops, churches… Nothing was safe from the creativity of the improvisers!

Not even the sea monster can stop them as the enormous output of Talibam!, the recent improviser duo, shows. Because of the 50th anniversary all improvisers from 2008 to 2021 will return to Moers and form a Große Kleine Allee Band (The big band from Kleine Allee) and will show how the most different personalities can improvise together.

All improvisers? Unfortunately not. Sanne van Hek (improviser 2010) suddenly passed away last year and is missed sorely. We hope she watches from somewhere.