Sa, 22nd May
3:50 PM - 4:10 PM

Studio Entezami - ARTE Concert Stream


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discussions I

Shine bright like a diamond? – Zukunftsvisionen einer diskriminierungsfreien Gesellschaft Eine discussion in Kooperation mit dem Peng Festival Essen.

Climate change, a global pandemic and massive political upheavals. We are facing a global challenge of unprecedented proportions. At the same time, many people are fighting for a more social future, for climate justice and the redistribution of wealth, for minority rights and equality. What to do about sexism, racism and antisemitism. How can social transformation succeed so that we have another reason to look into the future positively? The journalist Amina Aziz receives the social scientist and activist Bafta Sarbo and the philosopher and social scientist Daniel Loick.

This discussion will be streamed live by arte concert.