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Mo, 24th May
3:40 PM - 4:25 PM



  • Kevin Shea – dr
  • Matt Mottel – synth, keytar, p
  • Marja Burchard – vib, keys, horn, perc
  • Maasl Maier – bs, horn, keys
  • Keisuke Matsuno – git
  • Ron Stabinsky - buzzer

Das Queue (DE, US)

Kevin Shea and Matt Mottel have been Talibam! for 18 years and the 14th improviser in residence of moers festival since January. No pandemic can stop their creativity and ingenuity. There are no boundaries to their curiosity and musical knowledge and they feel at home in the German experimental music as well as in the scene of their hometown New York.

They came up with a very special idea for their festival performance: They will improvise a set with NY-based Berlin guitarist Keisuke Matsuno and Marja Burchard and Maasl Maier of the legendary band Embryo. New York Noise goes Krautrock!

More musicians will be invited to join. Attention: How stays in the performance will be decided by Ron Stabinsky! He’s know as a pianist by the grace of god in Moers, but in this set he will be – as known from many casting shows – using the buzzer!