© Heike Liss

Mo, 24th May
8:30 PM - 9:15 PM



  • Fred Frith - g
  • Ava Mendoza - g
  • Oren Ambarchi - g

Back to Basics (US)

Hardly any another period of the Moers Festival was as impressive, disturbing and formative as the performances of the New York avant-gardists from 1983 onwards. An avalanche of noise, energy and weird ideas descended on festival fans and delighted them, polarized them and left many baffled. An iconoclast, Fred Frith also turned his hand, then and now, to clear structures, songs and longer composed pieces. His music for multiple guitarists is Frith in a nutshell: unexpected breaks and rhythms, imaginative combinations of noise, clean, jazz, rock, etc., infinite ideas and a good portion of humor. We are looking forward to this year's visit of an artist who shaped Moers like barely anyone else.