festival 21

21th May to 24th May

moers festival 2021

Wir brauchen euch – bei „Der Kampf um die Zukunft!“ (mit Echo)
Hier erfahrt ihr alles Notwendige um dabei zu sein!

Eine Zeichnung einer futuristischen Stadt. Raketen und Luftschiffe fliegen durch die Stadt.
... die Vorbereitungen laufen bereits seit fast einem halben Jahrhundert.

This years Whitsun sees anything but the fight for the future! Our familiar cultural live is overran by organic monsters that are stealing our social coexistence. They have set fire to art, education and culture. Already one year ago we set sails to save the Moers utopia from these fire-spitting beasts. Actually we have been on this mission for half a decade – together with you. So hey, let's celebrate!

What started as a riot, wanted to denazify, make the world more just and positive, remained a magnetic place for liberated music and experiments – has been consistently Avantgarde and reliably brought the unexpected. The festivals anniversary sees the final fight between the past and future. Mœrphs and Pyrills kindle and extinguish in the analogue-digital time tunnel between venues, camping, vegan sausage stalls and pandemic misery.

Do you want to know where to put your digital picnic blanket without ruffle or excitement?

Here you will find all information about program, tickets, camping and a lot more.