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The new form for moers festival 2020 has been met with great enthusiasm! When it comes down to it, we are one of the very few large-scale events taking place at the moment. However, there are still a lot of questions, concerns, worries, irritations and doubts out there – and we’d like to address them as best as we can. Take a look at our FAQs or get in touch with us directly!

You can find full information on ticket refunds here. We halted advance sales on 22 April and granted ticket agents the right to issue refunds on our behalf. These ticketing agencies are currently faced with processing thousands of such requests and are totally overwhelmed as a result. We thank you in advance for your patience in case aspects of this process do not function as expected immediately.

You can donate your ticket fees to us if you would prefer. We will honour your generous support with our new super viewer category, which comes with an official super viewer certificate and a sweet t-shirt of your choice. You can learn more about how to donate and become a super viewer here.


You didn’t purchase a ticket in advance but you would still like to support us and become a super viewer and receive a super viewer certificate? No problem, please click here.


Initially, we were keeping a very close eye on the rapidly developing situation and developing various scenarios to cope with it. The challenging, constantly shifting situation required us to make heavy use of our talent for improvisation. On top of that came the recommendation on the part of the state government in early March to try to stay calm and collected and come up with alternative concepts instead of cancelling. Here, one can of course point out related approaches adopted in the wake of this guidance by theatres and opera houses, for instance. We have chosen to lead the way here in the festival scene. Our strength of being able to react to new, unfamiliar conditions quickly, flexibly and energetically as a small, creative team has enabled mœrs festival 2020 to take this special path.

Under the existing circumstances, we would like to create a maximum level of interaction and a genuine social event. The Festival Hall will echo with your applause of the past 48 years. Through your feedback, in the form of messages, stories, likes, selfies and clips, you can enrich the stream and become part of the festival.

Neither we as mœrs festival (or rather Moers Kultur GmbH) nor the City of Moers would have saved any money through cancellation. On the contrary, a full cancellation of the festival would have been more expensive, to the tune of a sum in the mid five figures. This became clear as we made a range of calculations for various scenarios very early on. Our public funding, expressly earmarked for specific purposes as it is, could also not have been repurposed for other expenses or carried over into the next year.

Up until the ban on large-scale events on the part of the government in mid April, any announcement of an altered format for this year’s festival would have had sensitive contractual and thus radical financial consequences. Ultimately, the contracts with the musicians were made for live concerts. Any move on our part before an official decree from the government would have represented a breach of contract.

Our media partners ARTE concert and WDR3 reacted very enthusiastically to the idea of live streaming all of the concerts and developing new narrative and broadcasting formats. We were met with the same reaction from our funders and the City of Moers. We are naturally overjoyed to have such unanimous support!

We’ve had a very positive response from the great majority of the musicians regarding the form for this year’s festival. So far there have been a couple cancellations, older artists are understandably wary of travelling. There are also difficulties when it comes to receiving permission to exit or enter countries. Still, the majority of the artists are very interested in coming to Moers for Whitsun weekend. We will have to wait and see who exactly can take the stage in the end. In the area of limitations on leaving or entering countries we are working in close collaboration with the state government as well as the embassies and consulates of the countries in question.

In close co-ordination with the responsible government agencies, we will make every imaginable effort to implement meticulously all guidelines and safety measures. We are obligated to do so as a daughter company of the City of Moers and naturally we take our responsibility for everyone involved in the festival very seriously. It will be a logistical challenge to organise all the routes to the hall, backstage, catering and logistical areas in compliance with the necessary safety precautions, but we will manage.

No, we are concentrating on the production of the concerts in the Festival Hall that will be broadcast live. Everything else will not be able to take place in its usual form this year, for understandable reasons.

Yes, the stream is free for everyone. You can support us by watching it for 4 days, on the big screen in your garden, with selected friends on your balcony – scattered we gather! Create your very own mœrs festival 2020!

You don’t need to register anywhere or anything like that. Just tune in: ARTE concert will be broadcasting live on their website, or watch from our website, or you can just call up our Facebook page.

Please take a look at our website on a regular basis and read our Facebook posts.

You can address all your questions, criticism and ideas to info(@)moers-festival(.)de. Comment on our Facebook page! Or call us at +49 (0)2841 3673675!