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Tim Isfort grew up in Moers, studied contrabass erratically, manoeuvred himself through life as a musician, arranger, composer, producer and sound engineer, directed – both artistically and organisationally – interdisciplinary productions and curated diverse series. From late 2008 to 2011, he ran the Traumzeit Festival in Duisburg. He was a co-founder of the alternative Platzhirsch Festival, which has taken place in Duisburg since 2013. Since 2010, he has been increasingly involved in international cultural exchange programs, for example with Myanmar, Belarus or the Baltic states. Particularly close to his heart is all sorts of work fostering young talent – whether with street kids in Congo or pre-K rascals in Moers. Since 2017, Isfort has been immersed in a great expedition with his team as artistic director of mœrs festival.