Federal government will fund mœrs festival with 1.4 Mio Euro until 2023

Today mœrs festival received wonderful news from Berlin: The federal government will fund the mœrs festival with a yearly amount of 250.000 € and with 400.000 € for the 50th anniversary edition in 2021. The funding in the amount of 150.000 € limited to three years originally should have ended in 2019. Kerstin Radomski (Christian Democratic Union), member of the appropriations committee and directly elected member of the German parliament for the constituency of Moers as well as her predecessor Siegmund Ehrmann (Social Democratic Party of Germany) were very involved in the obtainment of the federal funding during the last weeks.

“The great support from Berlin is a very important signal – on multiple levels: the importance of “mœrs” as a socially unquestionable cultural festival that giving new impetus is (after almost five decades!) recognized and ensured for years to come”, artistic director Tim Isfort rejoices. “For me it is also signaling, not only to maintain a grown event, but also to give fresh impetus, question the common expectations, give a forum for the different and unheard – especially in the here and now with all of its terrible political developments”

“From a more pragmatic point of view the assurance from Berlin also means that we now have planning certainty for the upcoming years, sc. special artistic projects can finally be prepared and realized well in advance”, Isfort stated. “My team and I will do everything to cope with this gift and responsibility wisely and creatively. Anyway, right now is the time to explicitly thank my team and every passionate supporter in the fore- and background during the last two years: Thank you!!!”

 Chairwomen of the supervisory board Carmen Weist enthusiastically uttered: “I am immensely happy about the good news from Berlin. I dearly would like to give thanks to Siegmund Ehrmann and Kerstin Radomski for achieving something great for the festival through their cross-party commitment. Securing and expanding the federal funding are a proof of the excellent work of artistic director Tim Isfort, who with devotion connected the high artistic level with the aspiration to bring back the festival into the city.”

CEO Claus Arndt is relieved: “The uncertainty about the continuation of the federal funding during the last months really wore us out. The now announced funding gives me a significantly better creative latitude – moreover for the next five years.”