News and facts from around the world for the Moers Holiday Break!

... at least between Iraq and Iran, 2 April 2018


I am writing this belated Easter greeting, dear mœrs festival audience, from the air – between stays in Central Africa and India, where preparations are being made for typically “Mœrserish” special projects for Whitsuntide weekend. Right at this moment I am high above wild Kurdistan, heading towards Abu Dhabi, where I’ll then be travelling on to Ahmedabad.

After fruitful visits to New York, Vienna and Pyongyang, where I was able to see and invite Talibam! CP Unit, Georg Vogel with Dsilton as well as North Korean musicians of the state-run National Theatre to Moers, I spent a couple days in the Congo in order to develop our Marimba/Madimba Conference plans further together with Central African artists.

Over the course of the coming days I am going to head out with Indian musicians and an ethnologist to the state of Gujarat, in order to meet musicians from the Afro-Indian Siddi community there. Siddi Traces: five days of Mœrs-Lab in Northwest India.

These unbeaten paths are a part of Moers. Just as having contemporary musical audacity on board is too. In 2018’s program one can find protagonists of avant-garde jazz such as Ralph Alessi (with this against that feat. Ravi Coltrane), Rob Mazurek, Lester Mitchell or Nate Wooley right alongside bands from boundary areas such as Efterklang (together with Antwerp-based Baroque ensemble B.O.X), Botox Family, Oxbow or the wondrous Richard Dawson. Giants such as Peter Brötzmann or Peter Erskine (with the WDR Big Band under the direction of Vince Mendoza) meet new impulse givers like Irreversible Entanglements, Lumisokea, Schime Trio +2, Zeitverlust and Horse Lords.

The improviser in residence 2018 – the bat Josephine Bode – will illuminate the potential of the recorder together with Dodo Kis and pianist Ethan Iverson (present in Moers last year with The Bad Plus). Further constants in Moers will remain the mœrs sessions! curated by Jan Klare and the discussions! introduced by Thorsten Töpp in 2017.

So, we are deepening what we started in 2017 – Moers remains a good place for iridescent birds from all cardinal directions, whether from Africa, Asia, North or South America, from the Balkans, from the Pyrenees, from Paris, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, NRW or the Ruhrgebiet.

No colourful birds in Abu Dhabi ... doesn’t matter, I’m betting on a lot of Whitsuntide doves making their way to the Lower Rhine, because they know that there is no better place for fresh wind and fiery innovation.

Arrival in Ahmedabad, 3:15 a.m. local time, looking forward to the sunrise right before reaching Bhuj ...


Tim Isfort