Press Release: Improviser in Residence - 17 January 2018

Josephine Bode Named 2018's improviser in residence for Moers

As of today it’s official: Moers has a new improviser in residence! As the 11th improviser in residence, Josephine Bode will reside and make music in the city for an entire year. Born in Oldenburg and raised in Münster, Josephine Bode has lived in Amsterdam since taking up her conservatory studies there. Her primary instrument is the recorder, which however exists in many different variations. In addition, Bode is active as an interdisciplinary artist whose work at times encompasses light art and theatrical elements, an approach which has caused her to be christened the “Lady Gaga of the recorder”.

At today’s press conference at Moers City Hall, Bode was welcomed by the head of Moers’ Cultural Department Wolfgang Thoenes, the chairperson of the supervisory board of the Moers Kultur GmbH Carmen Weist and the managing director of the Moers Kultur GmbH Claus Arndt. In conversation with the artistic director of moers festival Tim Isfort, Bode detailed her plans for her year-long residency in Moers. Due to a degenerative eye disease, Josephine Bode has impaired vision. She intends to treat this topic in her time as improviser in residence; according to the 35-year-old musician her motto is “inner visions” and she wants to open ears using visual stimuli. At today’s press conference, she also revealed that among her planned projects for her year in Moers she intends to turn a parking garage and the shop floor of Saturn into performance venues. In addition to her performance at moers festival 2018, she will be inviting artists from Amsterdam to Moers this year and seeking out contact with the residents of the city.

This evening, Josephine Bode will make a guest appearance at “Art’s Birthday” in the foyer of Moers City Hall. Concertgoers will be able to experience her on stage fronting one of her own projects at the improviser in residence hand-off concert on Saturday, 27 January, to which you are all warmly invited! 


Hand-Off Concert for the Improvisers in Residence

Saturday, 27 January 2018 · concert starts at 8 pm · doors open at 7:30

Chamber music room of the music school, Filder Str.126, Moers

Admission is free of charge