mœrs festival to continue with Isfort

During the latest meeting of the supervisory committee, Moers Kultur Gmbh CEO Claus Arndt has been commissioned unanimously to negotiate with moers festivals current artistic director Tim Isfort about an extension of Isforts contract, expiring by the end of 2019. This proves to Tim Isfort, by now already in preparation for the 48th festival edition next year, that he has found the right way with the past two festivals.

The members of the supervisory committee gave thanks to Tim Isfort and his team for the terrific festival 2018 that was very well received among experts as well as by the audience who enjoyed the multiple, mostly complimentary offerings at the Festivaldorf, the park and the city centre.

“Tim Isfort is the confidence of the whole supervisory committee” emphasised Carmen Weist, chairwomen of the supervisory committee. Throughout all factions of the committee, one is delighted about the positive reviews, but also about the fact that the festival has come to be more present in the city of Moers as well as the Festivaldorf with its outdoor stage and high quality stalls, drawing a lot of people.