More acts announced

Regular sales for advance tickets to moers festival have begun and we are very happy to be able to present a couple more good reasons to pick up a day pass or a ticket for the whole festival weekend right away: We are pleased to announce that Battle Trance und Dub Trio will both be performing at moers festival 2017.

The band Battle Trance is composed of four tenor saxophonists from Brooklyn, New York, who seek to transcend the boundary between instrument and body/breath. True to their name, in doing so they put their listeners into a trance with the gently pulsing waves of repetitive patterns that combine to form subtly layered sonic textures. Founded in 2012 and under the direction of Travis Laplante, the quartet works with contrasts. At times, the four saxophones buzz ominously like an angry swarm of wasps, at times they shimmer like nervously trembling leaves caught in a stormy spring wind – while still other moments feature the mechanical precision of an insane noise machine running at full steam.

Dub Trio, also hailing from Brooklyn, are hard, fast and rough. Dub is approached matter-of-factly as a true art form here, in a musical homage to the roots of the genre as exemplified by King Tubby, shot through with and ruptured by elements of electronica, rock, punk and metal. With the help of effects pedals, synthesizers and samplers, D.P. Holmes (guitar, keyboards), Stu Brooks (bass, keyboards) and Joe Tomino (drums, melodica) reproduce live on stage the material that they have previously painstakingly assembled in the studio. A warped dub/rock crossover featuring surprising breaks lopes along into spherical sections that give way to minimalistic reggae grooves, before building via fat half-time rock beats into noisy, heavy, aggressive energy music.

Music from Battle Trance: 

Music from Dub Trio: