Ornithology of another kind over Whitsuntide weekend in the Moers break!


This right here, dearest moers festival audience, is by far the most significant opportunity to build up the fortitude required to make it through the now nearly six months left to go between the current launch of our “Early Bird” ticket pre-sale and 18th May 2018, the day that the 47th annual Moers Whitsuntide festivities are set to open.


A number of birds have prudently taken off for more southerly climes, others are holed up already hard at work woodshedding in otherwise hushed privacy, while the Earnie Bird has been eagerly and valiantly anticipating the start of ticket sales, only to be confronted here and now with the news that ticket prices will increase for 2018 – whoa!


Yes, we’ve gotten a bit more expensive. And more transparent: no more hidden charges or added fees after the fact, all our prices are “what you see is what you get” now. No talk of price “adjustments”; more program and more content for your euro is already guaranteed (starting with the past festival edition in fact).


Available starting now and for a limited time only, as long as supplies last: the Early Bird Ticket for € 130,- (or € 65,- for those eligible for the discounted version).


As soon as the last Early Bird has flown the coop, the regular festival pass will be available for:


151€ in advance / 160€ at the festival box office during the event (reduced rate: € 76,- / € 80,-)

Or day passes for Saturday and Sunday:

€ 70,- per day in advance / € 75,- at the festival box office (reduced rate: € 32,- / € 35,-),

Friday and Monday (FYI: the latter will go longer in 2018):

€ 49,- per day in advance / € 50,- at the festival box office (reduced rate: € 22,- / € 25,-).


For our particularly inquisitive feathered friends, as of now we are offering a VIP festival pass (short for Very Inspiring Proximity, for those who wish to soar with the top songbirds). You can mingle and rub shoulder plumage with the most colourful, extravagant and idiosyncratic creatures in the “Birds on Ice” premium area inside the ice rink: for € 270,- in advance or € 280,- at the festival box office (reduced rate: € 130,- / € 140,-). In addition, “Birds on Ice” VIP ticket holders can take pride in making a generous contribution to the continued existence of the festival – and that my friends is a very important privilege indeed!


The week-long Moers break in North Rhine-Westphalia kicks off with four extraordinary festival days – in the festival hall, all around the festival village, in the park and in the downtown area – culminating quite possibly in a bit of leisurely paddling down the Niers, creative bovine body painting in the cultured pastures of the Lower Rhine or entire days spent bird watching for real out on the terminal moraines of the most recent Ice Age, the choice is yours. The week-long Moers break following the festival is perfectly suited to soaking up the mysterious, unique energy of the region surrounding Moers, or simply to setting out on the bike you already brought along to the festival to experience the landscape’s sights and sounds and flutter from one overlook to the next.


We will be able to provide plenty of recreational vehicle spots for chickadees, wood grouses and ostriches, as well as of course camping spots for guinea fowls, peacocks, doves and a hawk or two (no, unfortunately open fires and charcoal grills are still not permitted in this the year 98 After Bird), and the hotels in Moers still have plenty of nesting spots for woodpeckers, swallows, starlings and older wild geese.


Important and good news for parrots, crows, sparrows and marabous: after resolving a few technical issues, our guest book on the festival website is finally back up online in its entirety and of course ready to host your new impressions and thoughts (featuring a great multitude of entries spanning far back into our collective past – with the exception of a very few borderline libellous comments that our eagle judged it appropriate to remove). Carrier pigeons will once again also have the chance to drop us a line in the yellow mailbox adjacent to the main stage during the 2018 festival weekend.


FYI to the falcons among you: the moers festival archive is also back up online again. A kindly night owl migrated the enormous amount of data in stoic labour, only the 2017 program remains to be added soon.


And we can already confirm the Improviser in Residence for 2018: it’s a bat!

(It’s shaping up to be an exciting year in particular for the odd screech owl among our crowd: movements at the edge of our auditive experience, electro-acoustic experiments, musical blind flights...)


Furthermore, a raven was recently heard croaking out tall tales of intended trips to Africa, to a volcanic island, to the Far East and then to Southern Europe – all to be undertaken in the hopes of enticing feathered friends of unfamiliar and attractive plumage to make their way to Moers. Said raven also apparently spoke with his brother-in-law the condor on the matter... Well, he heard some tweeting from an albatross in New York City about it... or was it actually from the dove of peace?


In this spirit, I’d like to wish all of us a safe flight through the coming holiday season!


Tim Isfort